First Waltz

Terry Morrison and John Gorham ‘First Waltz’ was produced by Canadian musician and songwriter Stephen Fearing and recorded by Scott Franchuk of Edmonton’s Riverdale Recorders. The recording is a combination of Terry and John’s original compositions as well as tunes from some of their friends in the Canadian songwriting community. It features some great playing from both musicians as well as; Maria Dunn, Cam Neufeld, Byron Myhre, Bob Blair, Paul Martineau, Keith Rempel and Stephen Fearing. From the quirky to the poignant it is a great testament to the combined talents of this powerhouse duo.
The compositions recorded on this album are;

How’d We End Up Here – Terry Morrison
First – Chris Smith
West Kettle Waltz – John Gorham
Last Train – John Gorham
1942 – Terry Morrison
Off To Join The World – Shawn Camp & Mark D Sanders
Great Western – Ford Pier
Not The Chosen One – Terry Morrison & Stephen Fearing
Take Me Dancing – Anna Sommerville
Too Bad For Me – Steve Pineo
Last – John Gorham

Terry Morrison and John Gorham are partners in life as well as music. They have been performing as a duo for many years and this is their first cd together.

Listen to the first cut off the new disc.

How’d We End Up Here

Songs From The Avenue

SONGS FROM THE AVE: Alberta Avenue is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Edmonton, once being the very outskirts of a city that would soon swallow up its neighboring town of Beverly. Now perched on the doorstep of a revitalization project, how do we connect the rich past to the darker present to a brighter future? If these sidewalks could talk, the stories they would tell. If these streets could sing, the songs we would hear. Connecting the past to the present gives people the foundation to envision a better future. Resident songwriters of this neighbourhood, including Scott Peters, Terry Morrison, Chris Wynters, Brent Oliver, Paul Bellows, James Murdoch, White Cats, Captain Tractor, Joe Bird, Dr Blu, and Barry Westerlund, connect tales of long time residents, unsung stories of the harsh streets, and find a way to a future of this vibrant community.

It is distributed through ‘Six Shooter Records’

riches and grace

This recording is a great collection of original compositions combined together with a smattering of songs by other writers. Produced by Edmonton bassist and studio maven Mike Lent , there is a real jazz sensibility that weaves its way through this album. The cover songs on this CD include the live Klezmer feel of “Bei Mir Bist Du Schon”, the haunting “Liverpool Lullaby” based on a traditional ballad with lyrics by Stan Kelly, as well as the Ellington classic “Prelude To A Kiss” featuring Terry’s rich contralto and Mike’s unparalleled upright bass playing.

Morrison’s original cuts are diverse as well, including the sweet textural tune titled “A Fine Balance” about combining two lives together, to the pop motown feel of “Casual Encounter” relating the repercussions of a brief romantic liason.

The musicians that lent their considerable talent to this recording are; Teddy Boroweicki accordion and piano, Graham Guest Hammond B3 and piano, Bob Tildesley trumpet and flugelhorn, Mo Lefever electric guitar, Lyle Molzan drums and percussion, Jeff Bradshaw pedal steel, Brent Parkin electric guitar, Gary Koliger acoustic guitar and of course Mike Lent upright bass.

This is a fine collection of songs and represents a true crossover of Morrison’s musical influences. It is rich and graceful just as the title promises.

Terry received funding for this album through the Rawlco Radio 10k20 program , a program designed to support the local music scene in Edmonton. This is a program that can be truly touted as proof of what the corporate world can do to support communities. Bravo!
Track List
1. Liverpool Lullaby 4:42
2. Fine Balance 4:51
3. Casual Encounter 3:34
4. Orphan Lake 5:10
5. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön 3:59
6. Take Me Down 4:17
7. Never No More 4:19
8. Waiting For the Harvest 4:49
9. Winter Storm 3:51
10. Prelude To A Kiss 4:55

Listen to a couple of cuts on SoundCloud
Fine Balance
Casual Encounter

Wild Roses Northern Lights

This recording released in 2006 by the Smithsonian Folkways Label, is a compilation of songs performed and written by Alberta Songwriters.
The artists represented on this compilation were selected because their compositions vividly illuminate one or more aspects of the multifaceted culture that is contemporary Alberta; however, they represent only a handful of the Albertan country, folk, and roots artists whose music reflects what it means to be from “Wild Rose Country”. We hope this CD inspires listerners to seek out and enjoy more music from Albertan singers, songwriters and bands ...

Another veteran of the Alberta folk scene, Terry Morrison continues to build on an impressive body of work which is as poetic as it is compelling. A native of Edmonton, she started to gain experience as a performer in the mid 1970’s, when she began playing coffeehouses, folk clubs and concerts. Hanging with peers and learning the craftsmanship of accompanying oneself on guitar and shaping songs gave her the resources to record a handful of superb recordings. Albums like No Covers and Breaking Ground find her warm voice weaving its way through arrangements that broaden the folksinger songwriter idiom as jazz and electric instrumentation envelop songs that project images of travel and experience.

*Peter North – liner notes from Smithsonian Folkways ‘Wild Roses Northern Lights’*

Visit Smithsonian Folkways

High Mileage Soul

High Mileage Soul‘High Mileage Soul’ was released in December of 2003. It was recorded by Scott Franchuk of Riverdale Recorders and produced by Morrison and Franchuk. Terry solicited the talents of some of Edmontons best musicians including; Chris Smith (guitar), John Gorham (bass and vocals), and Paul ‘Duke’ Paetz (drums and vocals). The CD includes appearances by Thom Golub (upright bass), Maria Dunn (accordian), Bob Tildsley (trumpet), Kevin Cook (guitar), Gary Bowman (piano), Mark Ladouceur (bouzouki) and Lance ‘Uncle Thirsty’ Loree (pedal steel).

This recording is a great collection of 13 original songs whose subjects range from life as a traveling musician in the title cut ‘High Mileage Soul’, to the plight of a farmer in times of drought in ‘Long Dusty Road’ and the introspective jazzy strains of ‘Sweet Sanctuary’. There’s lots here to choose from and fans of Morrison’s songwriting won’t be dissappointed.

“Morrison’s gift for painting aural pictures gives way to an aching intensity at points…. ‘High Mileage Soul’ is the best testament yet that Morrison’s acute musical observations should be heard.”
Roger Levesque Edmonton Journal

Track List
1. High Mileage Soul 4:05
2. Long Dusty Road 5:09
3. Innocence Of Childhood 3:59
4. Angel Of Grace 5:14
5. Sweet Sanctuary 4:47
6. Standing On The Ground 6:09
7. It’s A Long Slow Way To End It All 2:41
8. Ol’ Black Coal 3:23
9. Waltz In A Minor Key 4:39
10. I Could Talk About Love 4:39
11. Veil Of Tears 5:25
12. Brown Bag Order 5:29
13. Song On The Radio 4:50

Listen to a couple of tracks on SoundCloud

Brown Bag Order
High Mileage Soul

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